My name is Lars Eklund and I am the owner of Marine Surveyors International AB in Gothenburg. The origin of the company goes back to 1915, when my grandfather Captain O.R. Eklund became head manager of the Hull & Machinery department of Sveriges Allmäna Försäkringsbolag, which at that time was one of the leading Marine Insurance companies in Sweden. Step number two was taken in 1955, when my father Captain Stig Eklund went ashore from his service for The Swedish East Asia Company and started to work as independent marine surveyor. The business under the present name was started by my father in 1979 and is now continued by the third generation of marine surveyors in our family.

We provide in general all kinds of work connected to marine surveys, for hull and machinery as well as all kinds of cargo surveys, lashing surveys, on- and off hire, draft surveys, supercargo work etc. The most common laboratory services for petroleum products, foodstuff etc. we can provide through subcontractors, which we have co-operated with since a long time ago.

At the moment we have two staff surveyors employed, each with an experience for over twenty years as professional surveyor and both personally appointed by the Swedish Transport Agency. We also have collaboration with other surveyors around the country and hereby we can offer the same services over almost whole Sweden.

Our office is fitted with the newest equipment for communication and we can also provide digital pictures, by E-mail or on disc. The software is in general of standard type and the formats used can in most cases be handled by anyone. For measuring and sampling we use in general modern electronic tools, which are carefully calibrated on regular basis.

We are used to work with short notice and at any time our clients require. Reporting - either a final report or a preliminary advice - is made without any delay, normally the first working day after completion of survey.

We value the integrity and liability of a trustworthy independent, sworn marine survey company and act accordingly in our work for any client. We also believe in long relationships and a mutually beneficial co-operation between our clients and ourselves, which best is proofed by the fact that a severe part of our regular customers have been using us as exclusive surveyors for over thirty years.

Whenever you need, we will be glad to be at your service and we are looking forward to hear from you.